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[Tuesday November 2004|08:28pm]
it just takes a little bit of this
a little bit of that
it started with a kiss
now we're up to bat

a little bit of laughs
a little bit of pain
i'm telling you, my love,
it's all in the game of love
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[Monday November 2004|09:47pm]
oh, and i just want to mention, even though i'm sure everyone already knows this... despite what i just heard on TV about arnold schwartzenneger (sp?) pushing to be president, he can't. the president has to be born in the U.S.


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[Monday November 2004|09:26pm]
my favorite commercial is the one for EDIT: T-Mobile wireless where everyone's screaming at each other "you!" and that one guy gets down on his knees and he's all dramatic, screaming, "YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!"

haha what about you guys?
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[Monday November 2004|03:36pm]




a translation:
hey hey, today i saw "ju-on (the grudge)". i saw ju-on and ringu. it wasn't really scary... the star of ju-on (Megumi Okina) is the most cute japanese woman, isn't she~? i love her! she and izumi are too cute! GTO's performance good~ he's cute isn't he? isn't he? toshio is cute too!

tooyama-san... and hajime-kun... are...
probably related.

they have the same face!

now, THAT was scary~
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[Sunday November 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | 元気! ]





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[Sunday November 2004|11:40am]
ooh japanese credit abroad kids~~~~~~ there's a picture of you in the concordia pamphlet i just got! ^_^
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[Friday November 2004|10:24pm]
oh yeah, i had a super-weird experience. i fell asleep on the couch afterschool and when i woke up i thought it was a school day morning. i thought to myself "why am i in the living room on a school night? oh crap, did i fall asleep in here and sleep all day and now it's the morning and i have to go to school? crap." and then i realized that it had been friday when i went to sleep. then i realized that the same show that i had been watching when i went to sleep was still on. eventually, i realized that i had only been asleep for like 20 minutes, but i thought it was so bizarre how i completely forgot where i was and what time it was. but the weirdest part of it all is that when i wake up from such experiences my heart starts pounding madly.

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i know exactly how hikki feels~she says what i say and feel [Friday November 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | strangely balanced ]

i gotta tell you
i wanna tell you
i can be lazy, but i'll try not to, oh!
baby, i'm not a very honest person
right now you're sure that you love me, but
are you really sure that you know all about me?

there are many sides to me. no one has seen them all. there is my shy side that sits by and says nothing because she is so afraid. there is my dark side that likes to hurt and tease people and get a cheap laugh; she's vindictive and evil and savors revenge. there is my pure side that is strong and is stubbornly set in old-fashioned values who doesn't crumble under the greatest of pressures. there is my humorous side that likes watching comedy flash videos, making faces and voices, cursing and getting genuine giggles. there's my sweet side that likes to be comforting and consoling - the one that likes to see people happy and smiling. my romantic side daydreams about the one she loves and likes being affectionate. then there's my cold side that doesn't say or do anything in an attempt to make a difference. my childish side cries like a baby, snuggles stuffed animals, loves christmastime and still believes in santa claus; she craves attention. my philosophical side wonders about existence and God. my melancholy side reminices sadly and finds the tearful truths of pessimism. i'm dominated by my heart and, even though i deeply value it, i don't balance these facets of my personality well. however, i love being a hopeless romantic and letting my sweet side dominate.

they're all just held together somehow and not very well. they push and pull at each other and tear me up inside when i don't know what i should do.

what's bugging you?
i gotta tell you
i wanna tell you
i can be crazy, but i don't want to, oh!
baby, i'm not a very honest person
what if i don't want a baby... yet?
is it ok if i'm not cute and naive?

this could be good... so
i gotta tell you
i wanna tell you
you can be shady
whatcha goin through?
baby, you're not a very honest person
you say you're sure that you love me
how could that be when you keep so much from me?

turn the tables round
round and round we go...

right now you're sure that you love me but
are you really ready to know all about me?

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[Thursday November 2004|03:41pm]

What is your presidency like?
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worst. presidency. ever.
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[Monday November 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | i forgive, but i never forget ]

Chikazukitai yo kimi no risou ni
Otonashiku narenai Can You Keep a Secret ?

Hit it off like this
Hit if off like this, oh baby (x4)

Koko kara zutto okutteru angou
Kimi wa mada kaidoku dekitenai come on...

Tsutaeyou yame yo wo
Konomama kakusou
Nigekire nakunaru made
Shinjiyou dame da yo
Mada utagae sou da mono

Chikazukitai yo kimi no risou ni
Otonashiku narenai Can You Keep a Secret ?
Kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can You Keep a Secret ? Can You Keep a Secret ?

Chikazukenai yo kimi no risou ni
Sugu ni wa kawarenai Can You Keep a Secret ?
Kanashikunaru to kimi wo yoru kara
Can You Keep a Secret ? Or konomama Secret ?

Hit it off like this
Hit if off like this, oh baby (x4)

Soba ni itemo too mawashi na yogen sagashiteru
Meikyuu iri sasetaku nai nara
Won't you come on

Kasuka na mono oto
Ottekuru Movin' Shadow
Furikire na kunaru kage
Sukoshi no bouken to
Kizutsuku yuuki mo aru desho

Chikazukitai yo kimi no risou ni
Otonashiku narenai Can You Keep a Secret ?
Kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can You Keep a Secret ?
Can You Keep a Secret ?

Chikazukenai yo kimi no risou ni
Ato ni wa modorenai Can You Keep a Secret ?
Oshaberi janai to shoumei shite yo
Can You Keep a Secret ? Or konomama Secret ?

Ima made zutto himitsu ni shiteta
Dare nimo iwanaide Can You Keep a Secret?
Kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can You Keep a Secret ?
Can You Keep a Secret ?
Kizutsukenai to yakusoku shitemo
Dare nimo wakaranai Can You Keep a Secret?
Kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can You Keep a Secret ? Or konomama Secret ?

it's been forever since i listened to old utada hikaru music. i still love it... utada is a part of me, and new loves fit into her music and words the way a skeleton key fits into different doors. the past disappears and changes, but the beautiful feelings we create and paint and attach to things we can recall don't. whenever i hear hikari, i will have that feeling of cold christmas nights and days, finding myself all over again. i'll remember the white sky and the black birds and trees standing against it. whenever i hear i hikari i will feel a special something inside that makes me happy. even though i fall in love with someone new, i will still sing "distance," i will still sing "eternally." utada is so much a part of me... i have this feeling that my heart is like a jigsaw puzzle and throughout life i'll find the pieces to it that complete me. utada's music is one of those things that i immediately connected with and will probably always feel drawn to. the words, the rythyms, all strike a chord inside me that makes this beautiful kind of note of feeling.

will's voice is the same way... ^_^ one of the pieces of my jigsaw puzzle.

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ok ok pretend my LJ is a rating community [Sunday November 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | i can call him! ^__^ ]

just kidding. don't. 'cause i might not like your ratings.


photopost!!!Collapse )

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[Saturday November 2004|10:37pm]
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yoinked from trella's xanga that i found kinda accidentally~ [Saturday November 2004|06:30pm]
if i were a month i would be december
if i were a day of the week i would be saturday
if i were a time of day i would be dawn
if i were a planet i would be Jupiter
if i were a sea animal i would be a seal

if i were a direction i would be south
if i were a piece of furniture i would be a goose down futon
if i were a historical figure i would be Julius Caesar (factoid: Chiharu has the same birthday as J.C.((no, not Jesus! Caesar)))

if i were a liquid i would be lemony dishwashing liquid

if i were a flower/plant i would be a lamb's ear or Queen Anne's lace
if i were a kind of weather i would be a chilly, sunny day

if i were a musical instrument i would be jingle bells

if i were a color i would be dawn yellow
if i were a car i would be a volvo minivan ~_~;
if i were a book i would be The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

if i were a food i would be a very plain tuna fish sandwich

if i were a place i would be a tiny Roman piazza

if i were a material i would be flannel
if i were a taste i would be mildly sweet, like red bean paste
if were a scent i would be the smell of a flower store

if i were a word i would be delicate

f i were a body part i would be a wrist

if i were a stone i would be a smoky quartz
if i were a tree i would be a dogwood
if i were a bird i would be a mockingbird

if i were a machine i would be a portable CD player
if i were a tool i would be a screwdriver

if i were an emotion i would be affection
if i were a vegetable i would be a cucumber
if i were a sound i would be humming
if i were an element i would be water

if i were a song, i would be Wonderful by Watashi Wa
if i were a movie i would be Roman Holiday
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[Saturday November 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | bizzaro! ]

bizzaro accuracy on my horoscope:

There is much on your mind today, dear Kelsey. Over the last three weeks you have analyzed your relationships on a deep and profound level. New people, with attractive new qualities, may be tempting you to make a change. But is this a good time in your life to start up new friendships or love relationships! Are you willing to accept the upheaval such a change would create? These are some worthwhile questions to ask yourself...

haha one of those one in a million lucky guesses, eh?

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[Saturday November 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | warm ]

i love it when people use my name, like when they address me by my name. i don't know why, but it just makes me feel really special. it seems like people don't use my name very much. like, i know i've yelled out my friends a million times a day, but when they say my name it's almost like it gets lost. but at the same time, when someone uses my name and i am really listening, i feel really warm inside. it's like i matter enough to have someone say my name and that makes me feel special. saying "i love you, kelsey" is more special to me than "i love you."

ever felt that way?

when someone uses my name, i feel closer to them... what is it about names that is so special? hmm...

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[Saturday November 2004|09:13am]
i dreamt about gregory peck and mori no ike. and gregory peck AT mori no ike. i think gregory peck likes to send me messages from the dead. like, we met in some past lifetime or something. ya know how sometimes there'll be those celebrities that you feel like you know? for some reason, i've always had that weird feeling about gregory peck - like he was my long lost uncle or something. and i'm not even obsessed with him or anything. i haven't even seen that many of his movies. i know next to nothing about him... i just feel this really weird connection. and the fact that this transpired at mori no ike was even weirder! i mean, what was gregory peck doing at mori no ike? i wish i could remember the details of the dream, cause it was nice.

but you know what? it kind of makes sense that he was there, because at mori no ike i lose all my inhibitions. and in roman holiday, that's what gregory peck helps audrey hepburn to do. it was probably just wish fulfillment since i have to be so self-possesed normally, and (especially after the election) i wanted to be wild and free like at mori no ike, to say and do what i like. sounds like an ok analysis, right?

♥ gregory peck, my old buddy.
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[Friday November 2004|06:42am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I love life and being alive and people and even though bad things do happen, and even though hearts get broken, we can mend it all! Even though my heart was crushed, I built it up again... I believe in hope, I believe in love and I don't ever want to be apathetic and cold again! ^_^

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chiharu supports gay rights [Wednesday November 2004|04:03pm]
i know everyone is already sad and tired and upset... but i just found this way too... well, inspiring in a way.
from klass diskussion:
the kiss of deathCollapse )

why... dear, sweet God, why? why don't people realize how stupid they sound?

i refused to leave it at thatCollapse )

I hate that people don't understand that a person is a person regardless of whether they are gay or straight or asian or latino or WHAT. EVER.
it kills me... it pains me! why...?

i hate the whole southern baptist idea that your purpose in life is to spread the gospel, and the more people you don't force your religion upon, the more likely you're going to hell. they terrorize their own children into fearing God. why can't people learn to see beyond their own tiny spheres of existence? why can't people learn there is life outside of their own towns, and counties and states and nations!? why is it that the cultures of others don't matter? why is this world and society so devoid of empathy?

don't you understand that you're stomping on the hearts of others?

dear God... i just can't keep thinking about it.
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[Wednesday November 2004|06:48am]
you know... the one thing that makes me feel really bad about this whole election is how so many people are going to feel invalidated if Bush wins... I mean, there was "vote for change" and "vote or die." and with so many people spurred to vote for change, how will they feel when there is no change? ... *sigh* this whole thing is sad and upsetting.
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[Wednesday November 2004|06:32am]
well, folks, it's all really hinging on Ohio... what will happen? no one knows.
what do I think? it's all bullshit. i don't really want either to win.
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