Chiharu-chan ♡ (baby_cinnamon) wrote,
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let's talk more
about the tomorrow before us
turn off the television
and look only at me

at this moment i am no longer filled with words... in fact, there are no words at all. i cannot think of anything to say. i'm brimming over with images and music and dreams. that may be much worse since images and music are even more criticized than words. nonetheless i'm filled with them and they somehow are finding it much easier to siphon themselves out. my voice, my thoughts, my words and my hands all seem more pliable. i can write a song in a few moments and develop it into something i actually like. when i write, it makes sense and i like what is there when i'm done writing. my drawing, too, seems to look better. it's as if the world is being born all over again. maybe i can sort out the mess inside me now. i'm secure, i'm assured, there is someone taking care of me. someone looking over me...

just dropping in to say hello.
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