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a more likely fairytale

my heart, my world, runs to my head and it's resting on a sky filled with you

Chiharu-chan ♡
This Is My Profile!
Let me tell you the story of me...
once upon a time...
a princess is a delicate thing
as delicate and dainty as the dragonfly's wing
and though you may recognize a lady by her elegant air
a genuine princess is exceedingly rare...

Chiharu(千春)/Raven(烏)/Baby Cinnamon

birthday: July 12 (presents? ^^)
age: 16
sign: cancer
chinese: dragon
blood: AB+
number: 9

forensics, or speech and debate, is competitive "acting" (interpretation, but there's a very fine line between the difference). every few weeks we go to other schools to participate in tournaments. my best events are poetry, where one does a dramatic reading of a poem or collection of short poems, and humorous interpretation, where you perform something funny. i love doing this and the people who do it! it's the most fun thing i've ever been involved in and i love doing it.

anime and manga:
I adore anime and manga (manga more than anime in general, though there are exceptions). They are the things that first inspired me to learn Japanese, which I now teach to some of my friends which is really fun. I love foreign languages and always have and it's very much thanks to anime and manga, which helped light a fire to my spark of interest in foreign cultures~

I ♥ Japan and learning Japanese. I have been taking japanese since the sixth grade (which makes that about three or four years now). I have attended Mori no Ike (森の池、a japanese language camp) three times: once for two weeks and twice for four weeks. I now teach my friends Cynthia and Michelle from Japanese For Busy People on Mondays and Thursdays, and plan on getting "Genki," another book on teaching Japanese, to teach them from instead. I've never been to Japan, but I'm going there in the summer of 2005 almost for sure.

I love music, I'm constantly listening to it. I love Hikaru Utada best, then second comes Michelle Branch. After her is an assortment, among this assortment is: John Mayer, Vanessa Carlton, Mika Nakashima, Rooney, The Beatles, Sarah Brightman, Maroon 5, Maria Mena, Josh Groban, Mandy Moore, Do As Infinity. I like just about everything! Music is one of the most beautiful expressions of feeling there is. Lots of people don't like my taste in music, but I don't mind. I love music from foreign countries. This includes: Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese (of course), French, and Chinese. I will listen to anything, regardless of language, as long as I think it's good. I like what I like and it doesn't matter if that is popular or not, though it's always nice to find a kindred spirit or two. In addition to liking to listen to music, I love making it, too. I love playing guitar, though I'm not that good, and making up songs and playing my flute, too.

Hanging out with my friends is always fun~! Whether everyone's watching me be a goofball at lunch, we're at japanese camp, at the movies, or playing video games, we're always having a good time. I really enjoy being in the company of my friends. My closest girl friends include: Kanae, Cynthia, Kayla, Mary, and Michelle. Of course I love all of my friends equally, but it just happens that some of them get to spend more time with me. My close guy friends are basically just James, and Juvu. I really like talking to Will, who is hilarious and great. My friends are great and I wouldn't trade them for anything!!!

other hobbies:
I like watching tv, especially cartoons~~~! Yes, I still love cartoons. I really like cartoons from my childhood (muppet babies, rocko's modern life, etc...) and just about anything that comes on [adult swim]♥. I love corny, stupid stuff and I'm a hopeless romantic, which is why I'm crazy about the teen soap operas that Noggin shows at night on the N. My favorite is Degrassi: The Next Generation. I like romantic comedies and comedies in general. I love singing - it's really fun and expressive~ i love studying mental illness and psychology. looking into the worlds of others is amazing...

loves ♥:
The things that bring me comfort are: my baby cinnamon plushie, my comforter, my pajamas, anime, New Orleans, bookstores, Chobits, my computer, my sense of humor, Mo Rocca, great big hugs, hot chocolate, Christmas songs, apple cider, warming up after coming in from cold weather, Winnie-the-Pooh, Christmas decorations/lights, Audrey Hepburn, mr.wb ;), my blanket, long bus or car rides, cuddling, funny movies, my CDs, my CD player, my manga, Kingdom Hearts, Rome, dreams, singing, South Park, being told I'm cute and my t-shirt that my grandmother had that said, "one can never have too many cats"

make sure to check out my website and art if you're interested at all. ^_^;;;

①"you smell like a rose named floyd!" - shirou
②I blush on command. if someone even says the word "blush" i go completely red.
③I'm really really ticklish. even my elbows are ticklish!!!
④I sneeze kind of like a japanese mouse. if you ever hear me sneeze, you'll take notice.
⑤I really really love tuna, but my mom hates the very smell of it, so i don't get to eat it as
often as i'd like. And it's really good for you, too! It helps memory, skin, and hair!

Audrey Hepburn quotes:
"Cross my heart and kiss my elbow!" - holly golightly, breakfast at tiffany's
"I've learned how to be in the world and of the world" - sabrina, sabrina
"I could have danced all night!" - eliza dolittle, my fair lady
"Then at midnight, I'll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass slipper." - Princess Anne, Roman Holiday


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a princess is a delicate thing
as delicate and dainty as the dragonfly's wing
and though you may recognize a lady by her elegant air
a genuine princess is exceedingly rare...
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