Chiharu-chan ♡ (baby_cinnamon) wrote,
Chiharu-chan ♡


i liked this journal. i really did. i had fun with it, i loved writing in it and i made several friends through it. but i'm tired and it symbolizes too much pain now. i've been betrayed - i don't know by whom and i don't know why... no, i've been doubly betrayed. i do know one person who did betray me. so you can delete this from your friends list if you'd like and make me the bad guy. you can say that i'm flawed and that i am immature and egotistical. because i am. but i will admit it and i won't say that you're the bad guy. i'm leaving and i have another journal anyway... and i hope that the people i've added to that are trustworthy enough to not distribute its address, since i'd like to reserve the right to know who is reading my journal. screw waiting for my payment to expire - i can't stay here anymore and i can't keep pretending that i'm something i'm not.

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